The firm RO.GI. was established in 1983 from the idea of the two owners Vitali e Cifola. Although it is a small artisan reality, the company stands out for its strong technical and mechanical skills.

Over time it has specializes in the sector of machines for insoles, to the point of deciding to use their own knowledge to build own brand machines, which are characterized by quality and reliability.

However RO.GI. is not limited to the construction of its machinery, much of the work is in fact destined to the reconditioned used stock that includes both the insole and shoe sector.

Another strong point is the opening of entire plants for which the customer is followed from the design to the commissioning phase. The lack industry knowledge discourages many investors, is for this reason that RO.GI. doesn’t stop at the installation phase, but it helps the customer in the difficult start-up phase by providing its specialized technicians.

Seriousness, passion and experience have made us an indispensable partner for companies in this sector. For years we dedicate the success to our customers, together with them we continue to carry forward the MADE IN ITALY

Thank you all

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