GRUPPO COMPLETO RGgruppo s ottopiedi


The machine allows the preparation of insoles needed to assemble footwear.

The insoles are manually picked from a container and stacked on a special column. From here, a pneumatic suction cup system sets them one at a time in the proper position to be picked up by the grippers. The grippers are mounted in series on a chain, are equipped with springs and are opened and closed by mechanical devices.

Once locked in the gripper, the insole starts along the path that takes it through the following processes:

  • Passage through two rollers that distribute a layer of glue on the top;
  • Several passages through the drying area with a heating system and two fans (this area is located in the internal part of the machine);
  • Exit from the drying area and passage through the stamping area (the stamp may or may not be applied);
  • Arrival at the ejection device that removes the insoles from the gripper and drops them in a container or  Possibly on equipment that transports them elsewhere (conveyor belt or equivalent).

The gluing rollers and gripper-holder chains are moved by two distinct electric motors, while all of the  oving organs (regulation of the width of the stack of insoles and right-left direction, stamper, stamp pad, ejection, etc.) are moved using pneumatic devices.



This machine allows the heel seat linings to be laminated to the insoles, which were previously glued.

The insoles arrive directly from gluing and enter the machine through the input conveyor belt. The heel seat linings are stacked in the loader by an operator and are gravity-fed into the laminating device. Here they are picked up by a suction cup mechanism that turns them and places them one at a time above the glued insoles.

At this point the insole is pushed against the heel seat lining by a specific cylinder inside the machine in order to perform the laminating. The laminated insole and heel seat lining are ejected from the laminating device and sent onto the output conveyor belt. This moves them towards a roller that presses them, completing the laminating operation.

Through many different types of adjustments, the machine allows different sizes and shapes of insoles and heel seat linings to be laminated. The touch screen programming keypad also allows different work programs to be saved (each with its own parameters) along with the values of certain manual adjustments (see secific sections). These parameters can be recalled and displayed whenever the product being processed must be changed.